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Exelen food !!!

It is a very pleasant atmosphere and its exquisite food I enjoy a lot when I go to eat and dance there. Thank you coffee Istanbul

how much is hookah

I think it's like $24

Can you please post the WIFI password around the facility so it's easy to access.

Arent you sweet. Probably arent an employee tho.

Is there a cover charge?

Not that i know if

when is Latin night?

Usually on fridays and Saturdays... on Saturday is when they play the most popular latin dance music and the crowd is mostly latin. But you'll find a great array of people from different countries. It's also considered a pick-up joint.... lol

I would like to know what kind of music they put

On weekends ... but on Saturdays they play Latin dance music. Salsa, regeton, batchata and merenge. And there are more Latinos on Saturdays.

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